Odawara – Hikiyose

The Odawara region of Japan’s Kanagawa Prefecture is known for its age-old carpentry conventions, to a great extent because of the locale’s rich lush territories and wide spans of open space, that leave trees a lot of space to spread profound roots. In the heart of the backwoods sits the Kii place of worship, where the planners at Hikiyose have been cutting and sanding delightful homewares—think bowls, plate, chopsticks, and so forth—utilizing the easiest and most ergonomic configuration forms.

The woodcutters and laborers use as a great part of the encompassing wood’s flaws and normal shapes keeping in mind the end goal to decrease the effect on the encompassing environment while likewise creating remarkable pieces.

Click the video above to watch experts secured in sawdust and wood chippings and to get a feeling of the convention. Head over to the organization’s site to purchase some of their products.

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