Netflix x Bitoy: Narcos Toy Project


After releasing a well-received set of “The Bitoy” last year, Taipei-based design-driven film and animation studio, Bito, is excited to announce their new cooperation with high-profile series on Netflix, Narcos. Alone with the new series premiered last Friday, Netflix launched the campaign which Pablo Escobar escapes from DEA to Taiwan and digs deeper into several cultural attractions in Taiwan during his escape. Some popular attraction places such as Taipei 101, Sun-Moon Lake, night market and incense-chocked temple, Zhenglan Temple are also taken in this photo series. Their second toy under the label“Bitoy,” which customized the central figure of Narcos, drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, in a set of 4 different outfits. Combining with Taiwanese local street style, Pablo Escobar wears white plain sleeveless v neck underwear with typical blue-white slipper and also has classic look with orange stripe shirts and his iconic handy brick phone.



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