Day: September 30, 2016

Nintendo Announces Mini Console for Japan Dubbed The Famicom

  In November fans of around the world will be getting ready to purchase their retro console the NES Mini, however fans in its home country are getting their very own teensy retro console as well, the mini Famicom. The mini Famicom is a shrunken version of the original NES the company released back in 1983, […]

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NeSpoon Creates New Lace Street Art with Ceramic, Textile, and Spray Paint by NeSpoon

  Polish artist NeSpoon (previously here and here) focuses on lace motifs that cover the walls, streets, and public parks found in urban environments. The lace works are either painted directly onto the surface or formed from clay, each handmade by herself or the traditional folk artists with whom she works. “In lace there is an […]

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A Macro Timelapse of Spectacularly Colored Coral

  Barcelona-based production company myLapse set to capture the minimal movements by documenting one of the oldest animals on Earth, the brightly colored coral. Recording actions that are rarely seen by the human eye, the documented short film took nearly 25,000 individual images of the marine invertebrates to compose, and photography of species, such as the […]

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